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its good

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My name is fay && I am obsessed with Green Day and Beauty and the Beast.

Green Day is my life
I love Billie Joe, Tre and Mike with all my heart
Tre Cool looked at Heidi and me in the eyes for 2 minutes
Billie Joe Armstrong is the love of my life
I am obsessed with Beauty and the Beast
I have the butterfly&star tattoo billie has but on my back
I LOVE my tattoo
I love music
I go to a performing arts school for singing
I love New York City
I have my nose, belly button, cartlege and ears pierced
I am named after a famous actress
I love my name cause ofcourse not alot of people have it
My birthday is on May 25th
I want to be Belle on Broadway's Beauty and the Beast

My best friend and Partner in Crime is Heidi(xx_deeper)
I love my green ipod mini(fink haha sam)
The best days of my life involved Green Day and Heidi
I love being online
I like to meet new people and talk to other Green Day fans

Im a pretty cool kid so get to know me k?